In 2011 we launched Renew Communities to see whole communities renewed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We have come the church we dreamed of back in 2011. As we enter a new season we begin to dream about what that next leg of the journey might look like. As we enter into the TheNext5 years we sense God expanding the vision He gave us in the beginning.


We are close to entering an agreement to occupy the former Hollywood Video at 388 W. Bagley Road in Berea, Ohio beginning this summer.

We have been working hard to estimate costs to transform this space for our use. Below are cost estimates for this project:

  • Demolition - $6,000
  • General Construction - $60,000
  • Restrooms - $22,000
  • Electrical - $30,350
  • HVAC - $8,000
  • Audio/Visual - $12,000
  • Fire & Safety - $30,700
  • Painting - $9,800
  • Carpet/Flooring - $15,000
  • Furnishings - $20,000
  • Signage - $5,000
  • Permits - $1,000
  • Contingency - $5,000


  • Renew Communities total responsibility is $205,000
  • Owner responsibility $20,000

TOTAL COST - $225,000

Financial goal - $205,000
COMMITTED :: $170,049 (AS OF 7/28)
GIVEN :: $151,869 (AS OF 7/28)

If you have any questions feel free to email Andy Sikora,


Mail checks to:
Renew Communities
PO Box 104
Berea, OH 44017


Living things reproduce. It’s how God designed our world and it’s how His church works as well. In TheNext5 we will see reproduction in the areas of ministry we've established in the first 5 years.

  • 6 New Missional Communities
  • 50 Discipleship Huddles
  • Over 350 worshiping together in our Central Gathering
  • Asking God for 50 new Salvations and 50 people Baptized
  • Starting 3 New Congregations throughout Northeast Ohio


We are aggressively pursuing a space to have a more permanent presence in our community. Because of our DNA, this building will be more than just a church. That's why our facility will be known as The Greenhouse.


  • Renew Communities Central Gatherings for both Worship & Renew Family Ministries
  • The Greenhouse Co-Work Space for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners in our community to work, collaborate and meet with clients as they establish their new business.
  • Greenhouse Studios & Gallery for local artists to create and display their work.
  • Greenhouse Theater & Event Space for community theater productions and classes as well as concerts, conferences and educational events.
  • The Renew Collective Multiplication Center will offer potential church leaders resources and training necessary to start new congregations throughout Cleveland and beyond.

Keep reading for greater detail on where these ideas came from, The First 5, what all this will look like and how you can partner.


The Call

The Call

In Jeremiah 29 God has lead His people into exile in Babylon. The good religious way of thinking would be to separate from the people of Babylon in order to maintain whatever heritage and purity might be possible. Do not engage, do not intersect, do not do business, do not relate to anyone that is not of your people. Instead separate, and pursue holiness apart from them and wait for God to rescue us from this God forsaken land.

God’s message to the exiled in Babylon is the exact opposite.

Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, to all the exiles whom I have sent into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon: Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce. Take wives and have sons and daughters; take wives for your sons, and give your daughters in marriage, that they may bear sons and daughters; multiply there, and do not decrease. But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare. - Jeremiah 29.4-7 (ESV)

God tells his people to seek the welfare of the city by being a part of the city!  Essentially God says to His people "integrate fully into the culture by being My people now, right where YOU live."

We are at a pivotal point in our nation's history. Many things are changing, values that were once universally accepted are melting away. For many Christians the temptation is to retreat, to avoid, to only connect with those who believe exactly as we do. The greater the change the more likely we are to think the answer is do not engage, do not intersect, do not do business, do not relate to anyone that is not already part of your faith. Many are just waiting for Jesus to come and rescue us from what they believe is quickly becoming a God forsaken land.

What if God is saying to us in this time the same thing he said to His people living in exile in Babylon? Seek the welfare of the city by being part of the city! What if God is calling you and I to integrate fully into the culture by being Kingdom people now? What if that’s how we seek the welfare of the city?

This is why we started Renew Communities and it is the motivation for TheNext5 years.


The First 5

The First 5

In the spring of 2011 we started Renew Communities out of a call that God wants to bring renewal to every aspect of our lives through Jesus.

At a time in our nation's history when the majority of people are opposed to church as they know it, we believed that God wasn’t just calling us to start another church, but rather to begin a movement that would send the church back out into the community to those very people.

Vision for Renew, 2010

From day one these were our beliefs taken from our very first informational sheet

  • We believe the gospel can truly change a city through the renewal of entire communities – individuals, families, schools and businesses.
  • We believe there’s more to life than “going to church” so we gather, celebrate and go, carrying hope to the places of life intersection.
  • We believe that what’s happening in your neighborhood is as important as anything that’s happening in the church, so we spend more time “out there” than “in here.”
  • We believe we’re made to live life together so we build easy on-ramps into our community where everyone can play their part.
  • We believe living things reproduce and since the church is alive we will reproduce every aspect of Renew Communities throughout our community, Cleveland and the world.  

This is the church we are called to be.

Out of these core convictions we created a focused strategy to become this church.

A look back at our first year as Renew Communities

We launched our Central Gathering to gather together those who wanted to seek God and celebrate His work in their daily lives. The goal was and is to equip and then send the entire church back into the community.

We started Missional Communities, groups of 10 – 30 with a shared Missional Focus. Together they grow in their love for God, for each other and for their neighbors and they intentionally invest and engage people to share the hope of the Gospel.

One year after our start we began Discipleship Huddles in order to help people grow in their ability to hear God speaking to them through the Bible, teachings and everyday life and then effectively generate action plans to do the things that God has called them to do. These groups offer encouragement, accountability and insight as individuals seek to follow Jesus whole heartedly.

Five Years Ago we DREAMed about what this could ALL look like. Here’s what has happened in the first five years.

Missional Communities

We’ve launched 11 different Missional Communities who have:

  • Started All Pro Dads at Brook Park Memorial Elementary School
  • Initiated Family Nights at Laura’s Home
  • Partnered with West Park Community Development Corp
  • Served thanksgiving meals at Project 8 Housing
  • Partnered with the BW Scholars Program serving inner city males
  • Served senior citizens in need in Berea
  • Created family events to connect the MC with their friends and neighbors
  • Connected isolated mom’s to Gospel community
  • Supported friends in crisis through service, finances & encouragement
  • Collected food and clothing for neighbors in need
  • Partnered in outreach to Students at Baldwin Wallace
  • Began reaching out to the homeless LGBT community with the City Mission

Discipleship Huddles

  • We’ve lead 25 Huddles with 15 different leaders helping approximately 100 people grow in their ability to hear and obey God.

Worship Gatherings

  • We’ve grown from 25 people in 2011 to 220 people (that’s a 780% increase!) worshiping with us at our Central Gathering.
  • We’ve baptized 25 people

As an Entire Church we’ve…

  • Filled a 50 foot truck for Tornado Victims in Alabama
  • Collected 1,000 Coats, Hats & Gloves for our neighbors that needed them most
  • Collected over 1,000 Pounds of food for those in need
  • Raised thousands of dollars for Hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island at Christmas
  • Built a Church in Haiti & supported it’s pastor
  • Installed a water collection system in 2 Villages in Haiti
  • Put a new roof on a church in Haiti
  • Bought and renovated a house for a homeless mom & her children
  • We’ve sent 7 trips with 43 Renew people to Haiti to partner with the work of Haiti Bible Mission and 3 trips with 15 people from Renew domestically to do disaster relief work.



The Next 5 Vision

The Next 5 Vision

We have become the church we dreamed of back in 2011 but every now and then as you enter a new season you begin to dream about what that next leg of the journey might look like. As we enter into the TheNext5 years we sense God expanding what the vision He gave us in the beginning might look like.

Living things reproduce. It’s how God designed our world and it’s how His church works as well.

Simple Reproduction

New Missional Communities

Every year new Missional Communities are springing up as we become aware of new Missional Focuses and new leaders begin to hear God’s calling to lead others to carry the Gospel to those people. In #TheNextFive years we hope to have a total of 12 active Missional Communities.

New Huddles

The goal of our huddles is not only to help people grow in their ability to hear and obey God but that each participant would be able to lead others in this same growth. We hope to launch 50 more huddles in #TheNextFive years.

Central Gathering Growth

Every quarter we have seen more than 15% growth in our Central Gathering attendance. While there is no way to predict how this trend will continue if we experience 10% growth every year for #TheNextFive years we will be averaging over 350 people participating in our worship gatherings!

New Leaders

In some ways this is a no brainer but it’s important that you know this is a primary focus for us as a church. We want to develop new leaders at every level from kids and teachers in RenewFM, to preachers and worship leaders, to Missional Community and Huddle leaders all the way to new pastors and church planters.

New Congregations

It is our goal to help launch 3 new congregations in #TheNextFive years. These may be new churches or may be extensions of our existing church worshiping in new locations – it will all be dependent on the leaders we recruit and raise up but there will be 3 new congregations throughout North East Ohio working to see whole communities renewed by the Gospel

Seek The Welfare of the City

Launch The Greenhouse

For 5 years we have set up and torn down all of our equipment in order to hold our Central Gatherings at Polaris Career Center. It’s been wonderful and fruitful and we’ve had significant help from extremely generous volunteers but the time has come for us to aggressively pursue a space where we can have a more permanent presence in our community. We are working with a realtor to secure a location in the near future and will continue to keep you up to date about the progress.

Because of our DNA, this building has to be more than just a church. If we are to seek the welfare of the city, if we are not here to be served but to serve, if we are the people of God on mission together, then the building we have must serve these purposes. Here are the ways we see The Greenhouse serving these purposes:

Renew Communities Worship Gathering & Activities

Renew Communities will meet here on Sunday mornings and will hold various meetings and trainings throughout the week. We also plan to hold family and marriage seminars every year that will be for both Christians and those who do not yet believe to help strengthen the most important building block in our communities. (Opening Day)

Community Conference & Event Center

This facility will be an incredible resource to organizations and businesses throughout the Westside of Cleveland.  This facility could be rented for conferences and educational opportunities throughout the year. (Available Upon Opening)

The Greenhouse Co-Work Space

Often small businesses and new-start ups lack work space and so these entrepreneurs find themselves working out of coffee shops and basements. Using atrium/lobby space and conference room areas The Greenhouse Co-Work Space provides a creative and fun atmosphere that is professional and offers all the amenities needed for productivity and hosting clients. (3 Months After Opening)

Greenhouse New-Start Up Training

This 8 week program gives all the tools and direction necessary to get your new idea off the ground. From small business to non-profit to community initiatives this program will move your dream from idea to reality. In time we hope this develops into a full-fledged incubator connecting leaders to resources in order to launch their vision into reality. (6 months after opening)

Greenhouse Studios

Artists need a place to create, we'll use large group classrooms and other smaller spaces within our building to offer studio spaces for film, music and fine arts. (1 month after opening)

Greenhouse Gallery

From photography to fine arts, our Greenhouse Gallery provides a space to display it all and enables artists to host openings and other special events. (Available Upon Opening)

The Greenhouse Theater

Using our primary meeting space, community theater groups will be able to stage various performance art productions as well as offer educational opportunities. (Available Upon Opening)

The Renew Collective Multiplication Center

The Renew Collective is a group of like minded churches working together to facilitate missional movement in our neighborhoods and cities to see whole communities renewed by the Gospel. We will offer potential church leaders resources and training necessary to start new congregations throughout Cleveland and beyond. (6 months after opening)

Images via WELD and Ecclesia Houston


The Next 5 Partnership

The Next 5 Partnership

We know that the vision God has laid on our heart is an aggressive one. It always has been! In order to see this vision fulfilled, we need you to partner with us! Here are ways you can partner.


In order to make this aggressive step towards the vision God’s given us for the next five years there will be some necessary expenses for preparing a facility. It is our goal to raise $25,000 in the next 5 months from within Renew Communities in order to prepare to launch all the initiatives connected to TheNext5. We will be seeking financial and physical donations from outside of Renew as well.

These funds will help cover Tables, Chairs, Technical Needs, Equipment Upgrades, Facility Build Outs, Environmental Preparation and Equipment Upgrades.

Fill out our online commitment form to partner financially by clicking here. If you would like to give right now go to - be sure to select “TheNext5 Fund” in the drop down.


If you would like to join TheNext5 Prayer Team to receive regular updates on how to pray click here

This is a significant moment in the history of our church.  God calling us to greater trust in Him and what He can do. We are asking you to pray for these 5 things - asking God for things only He can provide.


We need a permanent space to move #TheNext5 vision forward. Pray God will provide the right space to achieve all He’s laid on our heart.


We will be engaging in many new relationships as we pursue this vision. Pray that God would give us favor with real estate professionals, government officials, businesses and neighbors we look to love and share the Hope of Jesus with.


We will need additional finances to make this happen, and we will also need to continue to grow our weekly giving in order to maintain our current ministries. Pray for God’s provisions in funding.


This vision breaks ground we have never seen another church pursue. We don’t want to do this work - we want God forging the new ground for us! Pray that God would lead the way and make what seems impossible possible!


“The Fold” is defined as a flock of sheep or a group of people that share a common faith, belief, activity, or enthusiasm. Please pray for continued growth in the hearts, lives and families that already call Renew Communities their church family. Also pray that God would add people to “the fold” as they encounter the Gospel and put their trust in Jesus!


If you or someone you know could be instrumental in launching the projects we've envisioned for TheNext5, click here to let us know.




There are two ways to support Renew Communities financially

Fill out our online commitment form to partner financially by clicking here. If you would like to give right now go to - be sure to select “TheNext5 Fund” in the drop down.


Make checks payable to Renew Communities and mail your checks to:
Renew Communities
PO Box 104
Berea, OH 44017